Communications System Architect

January 9, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Celebrating twenty-five years in business, Etherstack is an Australian wireless communications specialist that has led international innovation in a range of fields, notably Software Defined Radio (SDR), real-time voice and data networking and Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET), and mission critical services over cellular for defence and public safety. We are a small Australian company that has retained our start-up culture while offering the stability of a well-established business.

The Australian defence, national security and disaster response communications industries are rapidly growing, and Etherstack is seeking a communications systems architect to join our integrated wireless communications solutions team, specialising in the design and implementation of multi-domain mission critical systems for our nation’s armed forces and first responders.  The successful applicant will be responsible for gathering, collating, and distilling user requirements to develop tailored, innovative communications systems that draw on a range of technologies – including mission critical radio, defence tactical communications, telecommunications, satellite, IP and cellular – to meet the unique operational needs of our clients. You will then work closely with our internal multidisciplinary engineering teams to ensure successful system design, development, integration and delivery.

Holding an Australian citizenship is mandatory, and successful security clearance to NV1 clearance level will need to be attained. The typical candidate for this role would have at least five-ten years’ experience in communications systems architectures or similar engineering role.

Key Responsibility Areas

Gathering and analysing user needs and requirements: apply your understanding of mission critical needs to communicate effectively with clients and to gather and analyse communication and operational requirements.
Developing operational concepts: translate user needs into detailed Operational Concept documentation and Function and Performance Specifications that serve as the foundation for the design and development of integrated systems.
Developing System Specifications from the user need: outlining the technical requirements and system parameters necessary for successful implementation.
Solution agnostic systems design: develop system designs that are solution-agnostic, ensuring the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of technologies and solutions as per client needs.
Detailed systems design: create comprehensive, detailed technical system designs that align with the project’s specifications, including the integration of multi-domain telecomnunications systems, radio systems, satellite communication, IP networks, and cellular technologies.
Multi-domain expertise: leverage your experience in telecommunications, including satellite, IP networks, and cellular technologies, to design and integrate systems that meet the unique challenges of diverse domains. Apply an understanding of command and control applications to create systems that optimise communication flows and response times.


Multi-domain: Experience in telecommmuications, radio communications, defence communications, data networking (IP), satellite and/or mission critical applications (command and control/battle management/GIS). A keen interest in technology and problem solving for mission critical, real-time, resilient communications.
Experience: A minimum of five to ten years of experience in a similar telecoms system engineering role, with a proven track record of successfully delivering integrated communication solutions.
Education: A degree in Communications and/or Electronics Engineering or a related field.
Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and clients.
Analytical Skills: Strong analytical abilities to distil complex user needs into clear technical specifications and system designs.


Mission critical communications knowledge and experience: Defence, P25, PMR, Police, Fire, Emergency Services.
Ability to develop and maintain professional working relationships with all stakeholders, in a fast-paced environment.